Jelly Escape

Jelly Escape – About the Game

jelly escape Jelly Escape is a trendy action platform game in retro appearance. Much pleasure. Since the start of time Jellies are utilized as a kind of amusement. Now’s the time for your own Jellies to escape yet and gain liberty… freedom in their very own paradise. In Jelly Escape you need to help every jelly escape by finishing a collection of engaging and fun stage levels. There are a number of different level problems, all which enables you to control another colored jelly. jelly escape gameThe controls are easy and the gameplay evolves as you advance. You have to make it on the end of the amount in the shortest quantity of time. Throughout each level you need to skip a succession of obstacles like fire pits and avoid getting murdered. As you advance the obstacles become more and more difficult and difficult. When you’ve finished a degree, you can replay it to attempt to find a quicker score. As you advance you may also unlock 9 distinct jelly skins which you could play with. Can you assist the jellies discover their heaven and win their liberty?

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move / Jump